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Sep. 17th, 2008 12:15 pm
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Place to hold icons made for me that I will alternate between putting up in my userpics until I get more friends and buy a paid account. Please do NOT take any of these, with the exception of the Inuyasha and other anime ones so long as you credit the user provided. If you want to see icons like these go to that community and join.

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This is the second fanfiction I've ever written.

Enjoy, comment, review. Don't just say "that was good" or "that sucks" tell me WHY it was good or why it sucked. If you give me a nasty response with no explanation or constructive criticism I will erase your comment and block you.

Genre: Romance
Pairing: Inu/Kag
Warnings: none
Summary: Kagome talks about her "type" of man, and Inuyasha tries his best to become this man for her (sry, I suck at summaries)

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I don't know what I'm gonna do w/myself now that its over. No more waiting for new chapters. *sigh*

Heres my review (dont read if you havent read the last chp yet):

Sango and Miroku: I'm glad that they're happily married, and the kids are just tooo cute! Of course Sango "bore his children" LOL. And Miroku is still himself, charging obscene prices for his services lol It was nice to see him and Inuyasha still working as a team.

Kohaku: Honestly, and don't get mad, but I think he should've died. Not because I didn't like him or anything, but because the jewel shard was the only thing holding his life together but yet he didn't die from it being taken out. His ending w/Tootosai was ok, but didn't do much for me.

Rin: Kinda suprised she went w/Kaede. That wasn't something I expected. I'm glad she's learning new things though, and that Sesshomaru isn't totally out of the picture.

Sesshomaru: I don't know why they didn't give him a better ending. Not much was said about him. Jaken of course is still at his side. It made me laugh when Kagome called him brother-in -law though.heh.

Shippou: I'm glad he's finally learning and growing stronger. I'm sure he'll grow to be powerful if he keeps trying.

Inuyasha and Kagome: AWWWWWW! It took 3 years, but there was still lots of love. I'm glad to see them back together. It is kind of sad that she can't time travel to see her family anymore though. I would've liked a kiss, but eh, maybe in her artbook or if they do a movie.

Koga: WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO HIM? lol Nothing was said about him at all!

well, thats my summary heh.
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Its not perfect, but I'm ok with it. Read and review! I also made an account on media miner so go check that out once I start writing more!

Neways here it is:

Title: Becoming Stronger
Genre: Romance
Chapters: 5
Word Count: 5581
Rating: T for bad language
Pairing: Inu/Kag
Completed: Yes
Summary: Kagome has been going home a lot more often. Wondering why, Inuyasha follows her to find her with a personal trainer...whom he thinks is being a little more "personal" than he should be...

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Jun. 12th, 2008 10:02 am
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I'm gonna do my best to upkeep this journal from now on. Im gonna look for a nice layout. Hell, maybe I'll even get paid time. I dunno. It just seems funner that way. I don't have many friends yet, but I'm hoping that will all change eventually. For now I'm going to continue to keep my entries private except my fanfic once I get going with that.

Hope to make many new friends! I don't bite!


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