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OK, I figured it was time to compile this since there's so much I want, and when people ask, I can just direct them here instead of typing it out EVERY time.

So f-list ignore this unless you have any of said items and wish to sell or give them to me for a decent price.

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Theres probably more odds and ends I'm forgetting to put up here that I may come across, but these are the main things. If you have any of said items, let me know!
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Hey guys, I'm pimping out one of my new favorite communities, [ profile] sailormoonland!! If any of you have ever been part of a 'land' community before, then you have an idea what this is about. If not then here is the description right off the profile:

"Sailormoonland is an interactive team community for the fans of Sailormoon. There are three teams, which for the most part you can choose to join: Team Inners, Team Outers, and Team Chaos. You will be encouraged to participate in activities, earn points for your team, and hold both in-team and across-team discussions and parties and other fun things."

So if you're a SM fan and want to have some fun come on over and join! I'm on the Inners Team :)

P.s. if you join, don't forget to mention that you know me. It earns my team points :)


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