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My 1st try @ an Inuyasha poem! Tell me what you think!

Genre: Poetry, Romance
Pairing: Inuyasha/Kagome
Summary: Kagome's thoughts on seeing Inuyasha again after the 3 year seperation

The one I love is in the past
How I fell for him so fast
We departed 3 years ago today
It’s hard to keep my tears at bay
He is always and forever in my thoughts
From the kind word we shared to the times we fought
I wonder if he thinks of me
Or if I’m just a memory
I sit here alone in the dark
Waiting for my journey to embark
I plead the well one last time
Take me home, let him be mine
And by surprise I see the blue
The blue that leads me back to you
I kiss my mom and brother goodbye
Wiping away the tears I cried
I jump into the familiar abyss
Thinking about our very first kiss
I emerge from the well an see your face
You immediately wrap me in your embrace
I feel so safe here in you arms
I know that nothing will bring me harm
No words are needed to be spoken
My heart is healed, no longer broken
You are here and you’re all I need
Let’s take our journey, with you in the lead

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