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Friending Policy: I’ll add just about anyone but PLEASE comment 1st with something we have in common and how you found me! 95% of my posts are friends only, so if you friend me and don’t comment or if I don’t know you from somewhere, I won’t friend you back! It’s just common courteousy.

If you only want my fanfics, please visit my fanfic journal [ profile] browniefix where you can find all of my fics.

Do NOT waste your time talking to me if you are:

I look forward to meeting you, so comment away!

Last Friends Cut on November 22nd, 2011.

If you were cut it is most likely because:
* You haven't updated in several months without notice of hiatus
* I felt we didn't really have much in common anymore
* You were involved in drama (this will not allow a re-add)

If you feel you were cut unfairly or if you want to re-add, please comment below. thanks!


Jan. 1st, 2020 05:19 pm
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as of March 23, 2011

Sales Post

Dec. 31st, 2019 05:17 pm
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No sales at this time :)
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I'm bored and want to write, so I'm issuing somewhat of a challenge.

'Write for a pairing/character you dislike or normally would not write in a non-crack fic way'

Deadline: a month from now, January 19th.

My graphic skills are poor, but I will make a banner for whoever completes it! In turn, I am going to write for a pairing I do not like. But to decide which one, a poll! Which pairing that I dislike should I write for?

[Poll #1804223]

I have a few more, but these are the ones I simply cannot stand, period! So vote away!
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Well, I don't really make a list anymore, but if someone asks me, I'll tell them a few things. But the thing I want most this year? Definitely the new Kindle Fire. Doubtful I'll get it, but hey, I can dream yeah?
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Just did a small friends cut. I honestly only cut journals that haven't been updated in a very long time (there were a few ppl it has been over a year).

If you find yourself cut and wish to be re-added, please just let me know and maybe we can work something out. thanks!

Friends Cut

Jul. 3rd, 2011 12:33 pm
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I know I just did one not too long ago, but I've been finding it hard to keep up with so many people, some of which I haven't spoken to in a long time or maybe never at all. I also found a couple of journals that hadn't been updated in almost a year. Please know I have no ill will toward anyone I cut, and I wish you the best.
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Just did a pretty big one.It's been a bit, so it was time. Most were journals that hadn't been updated in almost a year or more. Others were people I either don't talk to or don't feel I connect with.

If you've found yourself removed and wish to re-add, please contact me, and I just might! No hard feelings towards anyone and I wish you truly the best :D
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I just did a friends cut. I mostly deleted dead journals, old journals where you made a new sn, or people I have NEVER talked to. I also deleted a lot of communities as well.

If you have found yourself removed and wish to be re-added please let me know, and I will consider it. Otherwise, thank you for the friendship we had here on LJ and I wish you all the best :)
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OK, I figured it was time to compile this since there's so much I want, and when people ask, I can just direct them here instead of typing it out EVERY time.

So f-list ignore this unless you have any of said items and wish to sell or give them to me for a decent price.

Read more... )

Theres probably more odds and ends I'm forgetting to put up here that I may come across, but these are the main things. If you have any of said items, let me know!
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Hey guys, I'm pimping out one of my new favorite communities, [ profile] sailormoonland!! If any of you have ever been part of a 'land' community before, then you have an idea what this is about. If not then here is the description right off the profile:

"Sailormoonland is an interactive team community for the fans of Sailormoon. There are three teams, which for the most part you can choose to join: Team Inners, Team Outers, and Team Chaos. You will be encouraged to participate in activities, earn points for your team, and hold both in-team and across-team discussions and parties and other fun things."

So if you're a SM fan and want to have some fun come on over and join! I'm on the Inners Team :)

P.s. if you join, don't forget to mention that you know me. It earns my team points :)
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Just got through cutting a few people. I basically cut you if

- You haven't updated in several months w/out indication of hiatus
- We haven't really talked in a while (or ever)
- We just don't seem to have much in common

Please don't take anything personal if you were cut, and if you believe you were cut unfairly or still wish to be friends, please don't be hesitant to ask, I'll probably say yes! I only don't re-add if there was bad blood between us, which none of the people I've cut today had that issue.

Thanks for understanding

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I really only deleted journals that haven't been updated since last year, and one person who moved journals and didn't give me their new name. *shrug*

But this post is being made public just in case you find yourself removed and had reason for hiatus and wish to be added back on.

Comments will be screened :)
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I know I recently did one but I only really cut long dead journals with that one, and I feel like I have a large list of friends where I don't really talk to alot of you.

So, I have cut a few people who I hadn't really talked to in a long while. If I cut you, I most likely haven't talked much with you since we've become friends and feel like we just don't click, or I've talked to you, but you don't respond.

If you feel like I cut you wrongly and want to be added back, go ahead and comment to this entry and I will reconsider and more than likely add you back. Otherwise, I hope there are no hard feelings and I wish you the best.

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Well, I guess this is my 1st entry.

I'm more so on LiveJournal, but we will see where this site takes me.

Welcome to my journal! I hope I will be on this thing more often when I make new friends!
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Don't worry, no one has pissed me off, and no one I have talked to recently is being deleted. I'm only deleting journals that have been inactive for months.

The following people have been deleted due to inactivity:

[ profile] iluvedwardsmile
[ profile] ishii
[ profile] vietlicious
[ profile] azngirlox
[ profile] ilovemiroku
[ profile] maya_chan_v
[ profile] fairy_serenity
[ profile] thisisashley
[ profile] cookiedough8p
[ profile] yuemphedoria

If you return to LJ, and want to be friends still, please give me a nudge and I will re-add you. Otherwise, please delete me from your list as well.
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Won 3rd place for [ profile] inusongfics week 9 prompt! Story linked to banner

Title: Her Autobiography
Author: Browneyedmami
Type: Drabble
Genre: General
Character: Kagome
Word Count: without lyrics 175, with lyrics 466
Song: Autobiography by Ashlee Simpson
Summary: The awesomeness that is Kagome


Nov. 21st, 2008 03:00 am
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Won 1st place over @ [ profile] iy_fanfiction for the "dog treats" challenge. Story linked to banner :D

Title: Sit
Author: Browneyedmami
Genre: Comedy
Word Count: 146
Summary: Souta has a new dog and Kagome's teaching it tricks...just what trick causes a crash in the kitchen?

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My 1st try @ an Inuyasha poem! Tell me what you think!

Genre: Poetry, Romance
Pairing: Inuyasha/Kagome
Summary: Kagome's thoughts on seeing Inuyasha again after the 3 year seperation

The one I love is in the past
How I fell for him so fast
We departed 3 years ago today
It’s hard to keep my tears at bay
He is always and forever in my thoughts
From the kind word we shared to the times we fought
I wonder if he thinks of me
Or if I’m just a memory
I sit here alone in the dark
Waiting for my journey to embark
I plead the well one last time
Take me home, let him be mine
And by surprise I see the blue
The blue that leads me back to you
I kiss my mom and brother goodbye
Wiping away the tears I cried
I jump into the familiar abyss
Thinking about our very first kiss
I emerge from the well an see your face
You immediately wrap me in your embrace
I feel so safe here in you arms
I know that nothing will bring me harm
No words are needed to be spoken
My heart is healed, no longer broken
You are here and you’re all I need
Let’s take our journey, with you in the lead

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so if you come to my page and see it all crazy lookin you know why! I'm testing things out lol
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